Role VI. Team Leader

The team leader is generally not a separate person. They oversee all the Time Bank leadership roles to make sure there is a primary and back up person for each role. They are checking in with each of the leaders to make sure that they aren’t overburdened and burning out. They plan for and seek out people to rotate into the leadership roles. We placed the team leader role last to indicate that the team leader is there to serve the other leaders, not the other way around.

Role V. Admin

The Admin role is not just for introverts, but it is for people who get joy from keeping things neat and organized. As long as you keep your Time Bank small and informal it doesn’t take much money or admin time to run. The admin collects the dues, pays whatever incidental expenses come up for printing brochures and flyers and running potlucks.

The member-led neighborhood Time Bank is essentially a club with donations and a petty cash account. It is not an incorporated entity. There is no liability insurance because you know everyone and you trust your neighbors not to sue you if something happens while you are doing them a favor.

We recommend a sliding scale of $40-10 for membership donations. Also we believe that all members should donate at least two Time Dollars™ per quarter to their Time Bank. These are just suggestions. It’s your Time Bank and your coordinator team decides what contributions make sense for your Time Bank. Requiring a Time Dollar™ co-payment has the double benefit of lowering the cost of running the Time Bank and making the Time Bank more member engaged. Having the members feel a sense of accountability over their Time Bank is essential for long term survival and fund raising success down the road.

After a few years, the start-up leaders often get restless for bigger challenges. Members get a deeper sense of the value of Time Banking and want to make it a bigger part of their lives. They often want more members in the Time Bank to create a wider array of services. They may want to start projects that partner with other organizations and help those with fewer advantages. All of these add to the Admin’s role.

* Extra costs per member could include things like office supplies or paper products for potlucks.

It is very tempting at the beginning to request very low membership donations because the expenses are so low when members do everything. Be careful not to set donations too low. It is VERY difficult to raise them later and there are always expenses that you haven’t anticipated.

As you can see from the table, adding paid staff takes real money and that means fund raising. If you raise funds, you’ll probably want to incorporate as a non-profit entity (a.k.a. 501(c)(3)) so donors can get a tax deduction for their contribution.

Fund raising can and should be fun. This is especially true for Time Banks because their fund raising events serve a dual purpose of “raising community” as they raise funds. For it to be fun, the fund raising coordinator must be a coordinator not just a good asker. More on this in the fund raising books…

As these greater aspirations manifest, email or call us and we’ll help you in taking those next steps. We have training classes and a network of consultants to help you through the next level of complexity. Remember you can lower the cost of a paid coordinator by sharing the cost among several neighborhood Time Banks.

Introducing Local Exchange Trading Systems (LETS)

International Journal of Community Currency Research    This link will keep you reading for days

Local Exchange Trading Systems (LETS)
A specfic set of links listed by Tony Budak

History and background – alternative currencies:

Finding FOCUS – Short of time, then research these selected time trading projects

Strohalm Foundation – Holland:
Strohalm’s software from the program designers:

UK Local Exchange Trading and Complementary Currencies Development Agency – London:

Fourth Corner Exchange – (for profit) Pacific Northwest:

Timebanking Wales:

The new economics foundation:

Value for People:

If you have no time to research, just click the links below

TimeBanks Washington D.C.

An Example of a Network of TimeBanks   Dane County TimeBank

A ‘How To’ Roadmap:   The Time Dollar Manual

A Task Force of Three Leadership Models

The TimeBank Mahoning Watershed is a network of individuals and organizations in the local four Counties of Trumbull, Mahoning, Columbiana, Ohio and Mercer, Pennsylvania, working to increase efficiency, opportunity and resource sharing through mutually beneficial exchanges — building community ties and community self-sufficiency.

The TimeBank Mahoning Watershed (TBMW) is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of between 3 and 11 members. The TimeBank Mahoning Watershed is the umbrella under which neighborhood- and program-based Timebanks operate.

The Leadership Group of the TimeBank Mahoning Watershed is a task force comprised of the following role models.

A Timebank in a given neighborhood, community, or program based organization may elect its own Steering Team, made up of a representative sampling of members which will make day-to-day policy decisions for that Timebank. While they may have different outreach strategies for their group, they continue to operate under the broader policy structure provided by the TimeBank Mahoning Watershed and determined by the TBMW Board of Directors. The TimeBank Mahoning Watershed with local individuals, groups and or projects helps develop programs to meet local needs.  Some effective Timebank models include Dane County TimeBank, Lynn Timebank, Time Dollar Youth Court, and Partners in Care.

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  • The Board of Directors will release Policies for Members as the need arises.
  • Time Bank Mahoning Watershed, Inc. does not facilitate Time Credit transactions for child and elder care without a Criminal Background check of the care giver.
  • See our operational guidelines in Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • Download our Time Bank Handbook

Want to be a part of our Time Bank!  Click “Contact Us” and tell us how you wish to be involved in building a service exchange community.

Thank you very much for your interest in joining TimeBank Mahoning Watershed, a community benefit organization.

Coordinator Resources

Org ChartImportant Documents

Introducing LETS, Local Exchange Trading Systems

Large Documents Needing Time To Download
TimeBank M.W. PowerPoint Introduction
TimeBank USA PowerPoint Presentation
Wash DC Youth Court Presentation

TimeBanks USA 2009 Conference

Grant Writing 101 for Time Banks
Edward Wollmann –
High Impact Grants
Ann Arbor Center for Independent Living

Informational Articles

Information & Articles about Timebanking by various authors

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NEF UK Time Banking Report

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Research Articles Listed by TBMW  Coordinator Tony Budak

Introducing LETS

Want to be a part of our Time Bank!  Click “Contact Us”, and tell us
how you wish to be involved in building a service exchange community.