A Community of Practice – A Learning Network

Hello Colleagues,
You’re cordially invited to an emerging community of practice with


Raising the Value of Learning with time currency in shared activities
The structural characteristics of a community of practice are defined as
a domain of knowledge, a notion of community and a diversity of practice:

What is the Domain?  An ecosystem in terms of Raising the Value of Learning
A domain of knowledge creates common ground, inspires members to participate, guides their learning, and gives meaning to their actions.
Who is the Community?  Membership in The Learning Network (commons)
The notion of a community creates the social fabric for that learning. A strong community fosters interactions and encourages a willingness to share ideas.

How to Practice?  Applying time currency to community learning activities 
While the domain provides the general area of interest for the community, the practice is the specific focus around which the community develops, shares and maintains its core of knowledge.