The TimeBank Mahoning Watershed is a network of individuals and organizations in the local four Counties of Trumbull, Mahoning, Columbiana, Ohio and Mercer, Pennsylvania, working to increase efficiency, opportunity and resource sharing through mutually beneficial exchanges — building community ties and community self-sufficiency.

The TimeBank Mahoning Watershed (TBMW) is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of between 3 and 11 members. The TimeBank Mahoning Watershed is the umbrella under which neighborhood- and program-based Timebanks operate.

The Leadership Group of the TimeBank Mahoning Watershed is a task force comprised of the following role models.

A Timebank in a given neighborhood, community, or program based organization may elect its own Steering Team, made up of a representative sampling of members which will make day-to-day policy decisions for that Timebank. While they may have different outreach strategies for their group, they continue to operate under the broader policy structure provided by the TimeBank Mahoning Watershed and determined by the TBMW Board of Directors. The TimeBank Mahoning Watershed with local individuals, groups and or projects helps develop programs to meet local needs.  Some effective Timebank models include Dane County TimeBank, Lynn Timebank, Time Dollar Youth Court, and Partners in Care.

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