Org Chart Champion Coordinator – for a Group or Hub

A Service Exchange Network is comprised of many  unique group identities. It’s up to the group to choose a name and goal and who they wish to be i.e., Neighborhood Group, Community Group, Club, Project, Program, Kitchen Cabinet and or Organization.
These groups are lead by Champions and referred to as clusters and or hubs.

A Time bank Hub in any given neighborhood, community, or program based organization may elect its own Steering Committee or Kitchen Cabinet, made up of a representative sampling of members which will make day-to-day policy decisions for that Time bank. While they may have different outreach strategies for their group, they continue to operate under the broader policy structure provided by the Time Bank Mahoning Watershed and determined by the TBMW Board of Directors.

There are start up local network nodes within the Time Bank Mahoning Watershed Network, for example, programs Organizations or Hubs that use the Time Bank service exchange program.

Please contact us if you wish to CHAMPION  a Time Bank Group, Cluster or Hub Account. Time Bank accounts are available at no cost.