Financial Contributors and Support

Time Bank Mahoning Watershed offers free membership to all. Annual donations of cash or labor are requested.  We appreciate outside donations to help us reach out to every neighborhood and resident across the Mahoning Valley Watershed.

Your donations of cash or equipment enable us to bring the service time exchange network to local citizens. Our current wish list includes:

  • Wi Fi enabled Laptop Computers
  • Digital Projectors
  • Paper plates and napkins
  • Printer ink (Kodak 10C & 10B)
  • Ink jet paper (esp. colors)
  • How-To & DIY repair books

The Time Bank Mahoning Watershed has benefited from the generosity of the following supporters:

  • A Local Foundation
    (Anonymous Gift of $3000.00)
  • Catholic Charities, Diocese of Youngstown
    In-Kind Donations

The Time Bank Mahoning Watershed Corporation is a  501(c) 3 non-profit, IRS status.


Want to help or contribute our Time Bank!
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Thank you for your interest in our support network.

Get Involved


  • Offers and wants appear on our website or catalog. A member makes contact with another member to make an exchange. Members agree to exchange the service in question at the rate of one time bank hour per hour of service, and make the exchange. Then either member can report the transaction, the other gets an email to indicate its occurrence, and the exchange is recognized. If a mistake occurs simply notify a time bank coordinator and we can easily correct it.
  • TimeBanking is all about people like you personally getting involved in your community
  • Get involved in a neighbor to neighbor service exchangeUse the TimeBank program to achieve your organizational objective while building organizational solidarity
  • Include TimeBanking to at the grassroots and campaign level to process the core labor relations of care, community, civic, cultural and social justice objectives.
  • Volunteer to work as TimeBank core staff to assist the TimeBank mission.

Spread the Word

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Timebanks USA

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Groups, Clubs, Projects, and Organizations are all invited  to be network members within the Time Bank. Time Banking provides new ways of rewarding volunteer service while making deeper connections within your program. We look forward to local service agencies, block watch and neighborhood groups and as well as businesses, exchanging labor for meeting space, tickets, etc. Click to request information about types of Organization Memberships.

Your Picture and Photo Release:

Would you like your photo to be included on this website? We would love it, if you would send us a picture of yourself. Please download the photo release form and send both to the address listed or bring them to an upcoming get-together or meeting.
Click here Photo Release Form

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Events Calendar

Vision Power

What are you waiting for?

We are Neighbors Creating Our Future;
Doing It Ourselves

Do It Ourselves, (DIO) Group Activities are the best way to meet and greet together while earning Time Credits for your time and effort. Time Bank Mahoning Watershed encourages social events to create a community sharing time and skills.

Do you have a focus to pursue? Create your own event and email the W’s, who, what, when, where, and why, (along with some human interest story) to for release to the public.

Please drop in and say Hello at one of our Socials.
The Local Timebank Events Calendar:


1st Monday 1:30 P.M. Monday Luncheon
Mocha House, 467 High Street, Warren, OH

2nd Tuesday. 7 P.M. Tuesday Community Action Network
Arab American community Center, 15 Belgrade Ave, Youngstown, OH

3rd Monday 7 P.M. Monday Shindig Night
Golden Dawn, 1245 Logan Ave Youngstown, OH

4th Tuesday 1:30 P.M. Tuesday Luncheon
Jimmy’s Italian, 3230 Belmont Ave, Youngstown, OH

We are Neighbors Creating Our Future; Doing It Ourselves

SEE Event’s Details Below

No Orientation – N0 Problem,

CLICK here to Become a Member and Create your Time Bank account,
join over 100+ like-minded individuals who grow our community 1 hour at a time.
To schedule a personal Orientation meeting,
contact Tony Budak,  330.716.2722 or email