Local Groups, Projects, Steering Committees or Area Hubs

Our Service Exchange Network may comprise Neighborhood Groups,
Community Groups, Clubs, Projects, Programs, and various Organizations

A Timebank in a given neighborhood, community, or program based organization may elect its own Steering Committee or Kitchen Cabinet, made up of a representative sampling of members which will make day-to-day policy decisions for that Timebank. While they may have different outreach strategies for their group, they continue to operate under the broader policy structure provided by the TimeBank Mahoning Watershed and determined by the TBMW Board of Directors.

Please click"Community Groups" if you wish to establish a TimeBank Group or ORG Accounts in the Community Weaver Data Base. Time Credit TC$ accounts are available for your organization at no cost. 

The following local organizations, are member Organizations
within the TimeBank Mahoning Watershed Network: