hOUR Share – 

Members who may be able to serve others in the community can then be rewarded or reciprocated by coming in to our exchange and donating some of that time for some canned goods or some boxed items.

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Maxine’s TimeBank Store –

Obtaine new and gently-used clothing, toys, books, dishes, jewelry, home decor, equipment, supplies, etc. A store where members can get donated goods using Timebank Credit Hours they’ve earned helping in the community.

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Time/Store in Maastricht –

‘Re-Action! Sustainability through Social Innovation.’ Uses time as currency and allows groups and individuals to pool and trade their time and skills (labour) for commodities.

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Time/Bank: A Conversation

What was the impetus to resurrect Josiah Warren’s project/store?

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Complimentary Currencies: A True Story

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