USA Today
(on the front page!), The New York Times, and the Chicago Sun Times have all covered our members’ fight against big money in the states in the week since I last emailed you.

Suddenly, the entire nation is watching.

All three articles describe how these statewide campaigns pave the way to national victory. So of course, billionaire-funded lobbyists are already spending big to take us down. They’re grasping to keep their monopoly on political power.

The single best way to counter millions of opposition dollars is with thousands of supportive voices. Thousands of Represent.Us members have already volunteered to talk with voters about fixing our broken political system. Will you be one of them?

Sign up here to add your voice when it’s needed most. It’s easy. Your voice makes a HUGE difference and it feels great to know you’re doing your part for the movement and the country.

Make no mistake: This fight matters to all Americans. If you have any doubt about that, read the articles linked at the top of this email. So we’re asking every Represent.Us member, no matter where you live, to be part of the victory.

Sign up here to be an on-call volunteer. We’ll call on you at key moments in the campaigns, and you’ll add your voice when it matters most.

One of our billionaire-opponent’s lobbyists is quoted as saying if it can happen in one state, “it can happen in 10 or 20 other states.” Funny – he meant it as a warning. But when I read those words, I’m filled with hope.

Let’s stand together and win together.

– Josh

Josh Silver
Director, Represent.Us


USA Today
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Chicago Sun Times