TimeBank Mahoning Watershed Conversations

Hi There, Welcome to video conversations in a virtual garden habitat.

TimeBank Mahoning Watershed is hosting scheduled interactive video discussions where you co-create an agenda of topics in real-time on themes and questions that matter to you.

Open Topic Agenda: What would we love to see possible?
Learning About Options for the Future

  • Why: We believe that the role of leaders today is changing from heroes to hosts.
  • How: We are hosting conversations for leaders to listen, learn, and lead.
  • What: Our purpose is to host safe harbors of thoughtful conversations where people develop both the clarity and commitment to lead.

TBMW & QiqoChat co-created Mahoning Watershed Garden Conversations a website that provides free online video conferencing for those of us interested in talking about ideas. The site, based on learning visits to Natural Habitats or Gardens, is a new take on the breakout room model and is available 24/7. The Watershed with its Gardens is inviting, relaxing and stress-free. You can use this site for communicating with the public or each other about ideas that matter.

We’ll talk about what we would love to be possible in our community 20 years from now.

We use the following applications to provide participants
with access to host chats in break rooms (gardens).

1. Download this Zoom for audio/video
follow all prompts and keep Zoom ready.
2. Click Qiqo Watershed – Garden, an event page
then enter a guest username
3. Click “Join Video” the GREEN Button

NOTE how – Zoom URL (as a tab) will display but
also may hide behind the Qiqo Watershed URL

QiqoChat-Zoom links only for desktop and laptop devices.
Mobile phone users can participate from a phone using

We hope you’ll join us, (See Newsletter Invites for  alternative times) to Watershed & Garden Conversations.

A problem with Qiqo/Zoom set up, call my cell 330-716-2722, for help.

Please pass this invite to your colleagues.

I can’t wait to see and hear from you.
Cheers, Tony Budak

P.S. Also you may Do It Yourself – When you wish to host a conversation, simply send an engaging invitation to your colleagues to gather at a date and time, at Mahoning Watershed Garden Conversations at https://mahoning.qiqochat.com/