It’s Time for People Money – the Promise of Regional Currencies

Hey There Everyone, Are you interested in having our very own local money systems?
Step up and co-host an Open Space agenda on the topic theme of People Money. (aka a book club meet) Invite friends and guests to a conversation exploring the principles and practice of various regional currencies.
Together with the book’s information, you will learn how regional currencies can transform the lives and well-being of local communities, how they can sustain businesses, how local authorities can participate in their success and, consequently, why supporting regional currencies is of vital importance to the future of your community, region or country.

I’m writing to you to ask your friends, to gather with you and your colleagues to discuss the topic of money, as in the regional, community, and complementary currencies.

You are invited to explore the book People Money, as a conversation resource guide. Click the following link;

There at the bottom is a link to download the full text.  the PDF file is FREE.

Extracted from People Money; “Nothing is more convincing than a practical example. We have selected particularly impressive examples of research, advocacy and practice to illustrate the various reform proposals. Our collection does not claim to be complete. For profiles of 16 of the world’s leading community currency systems, read the text of “People Money – the Promise of Regional Currencies”, Chap 7.”

TIME FOR People Money

When anyone participates in the unpaid core economy, you are always welcome to join a local TimeBank, then administration, meeting practices, and all unpaid work efforts are thanked and documented with spendable Time Credits. A Super COOL way to learn and volunteer!

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Don’t miss an exciting journey of discovery.
Thanks for co-creating our tomorrows,
Tony Budak