A business leaks expanses with unused capacity, empty seats and material sitting on shelves. However, a business can increase profit thru a Time Bank Credit discount. Discounted sales will bring in income for those carrying capacity expenses. There is no profit for those empty seats and those goods sitting on shelves. Offering a time bank discount will reduce empty seats and excess material. A discount to bring in customers is much better than no discount and no customers. It’s a smart business practice with increased customer loyalty.

learning groupConnect Time Bank People to Local Business Via the Local Time Exchange

A business message: Time-In & Time-Out.

People doing community service work for Time Bank Credits are doing ‘Time-In” tasks or projects.

While business and social agency locations that accept Time Bank Credits are ‘Time-Out” spots.  It’s through working together in a Time Bank service exchange that, will help people and organizations meet their goals. see Connected Localism

Are there any other Time-Out spots in your community? Are there any stores or restaurants who would consider providing Time Bank members discount rates. See trading with time credits, click here, now that’s smart business. If you are interested click this link.

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