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FROM Hackney Shares

Whether you are a business, an individual or a charity, Time Banking is a way for you to get as much as possible from yourself, your organization and the wealth of resources in the community around you.

A Time Bank network is simple tool that unlocks the value in the expertise, resources and assets that you have, enabling you to trade them for what you really need to progress as an organization or individual, saving money and achieving more in the process.

For every hour of resources a member trades within the Time Bank network they receive one credit which can then be spent on one hour of resources, expertise or assets offered up by network members.

This means that identifying and unlocking dormant resource that you can afford to share (a meeting space? mini bus? staff time?), you’re able to buy in resources that you really need (business mentor ship? accountancy? maintenance work?) at no cash expenditure.

So, Time Banking can help you to

  • Increase your organization’s capacity
  • Save money
  • Build new and fruitful relationships
  • Raise your profile
  • Create local champions for the work you do
  • Open new areas of business and win new clients

We network businesses, schools, arts organizations, corporates, charities, leisure centers and religious groups. All sorts. And all for Time Banking credits