A Call to
Our Mahoning Valley’s
Culture of Co-Production

Time Banking members co-create thriving communities in the Mahoning Valley hosting conversations leading to a change of culture along the following indicators:

Passive engagement _____________ to active engagement
Staff and administration led _______ to citizen led
Beneficiary of service ___________ to co-producer of service
Client or volunteer focus ________ to membership based
Individualism _______________ to mutuality

The conversation within any group, organization, and community determines it’s culture. By simply changing that conversation, we learn that there is more to do. For example, will your group or organization produce a cultural audit? The first organizational self-assessment would establish a baseline and following quarterly assessments would track the audit’s indicators over time.

For background and context click the following; http://hosted.verticalresponse.com/725953/6bf6b310d7/282864687/55684a7d81/

If you wish to chat about the above aims and principles, call Tony Budak for more details, 330-716-2722 or email TonyBudak@TBMW.org