free space

In Search of Temporary [Free Space]

Think about it? Imagine a temporary space for lasting change.

[freespace] fosters creativity, community, and civic innovation through the gift of free space. It could be an unused garage, empty store /  business, or even a warehouse.

What could you do if you had the space and social infrastructure to freely organize around creative ideas and projects in your city?

[ freespace ] is a movement dedicated to liberating unused, local commercial, private, public and local government spaces to foster more powerful communities – ones where you are encouraged to share your stories, skills and vision for the benefit of those nearest to you.

The first [freespace] came into existence on June 1st, 2013 as a one month experiment in a 14,000 sq ft warehouse in San Francisco, with a small but passionate team of everyday people who responded to the simple question ‘Imagine if’. The power of a temporary space to convene collective energies and ideas has been remarkable. We are creating the tools for this concept to be replicated in other places and other times – by us, by you, and by others.

Please join the organizing team and make [ freespace ] happen here in the Mahoning Valley, contact