We want to work with the best and brightest people.
Join our team Earning and or Spending Time Credits.

Our fantastic partners accept Time Credits for activities ranging from sports games and exhibitions to services and educational courses. They are a diverse network of innovative, forward-thinking people and organizations who support Time Credit earning across the Mahoning Valley, proving that there is a different way to create value and drive impact for their customers through community engagement and corporate social responsibility.

If you’re passionate about social change, we’d love to hear from you.

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Our Current Activities - Both Earning and or Spending Venues
1st Mon. 1:30 A.M. Luncheon
2nd Tues. 6 P.M. CAN Shindig
3rd Mon. 6 P.M. Movie Night
Schedule a Pot Luck Event
Schedule ShareFest – Bring & Fix
Slovak Lessons for Beginners
Schedule Special  Events
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