Very Small Local-Connections 2013-10-15
“Local authorities need to pursue not only stronger communities in themselves, but brighter opportunities for the individuals that comprise them….Connected Localism is not proposed as either a political ideology or a public management method, but as a way of thinking and doing that builds on the creativity and civic energy of local people.” from the Local Democracy Think Tank


Dear Colleagues,

Time Bank needs you. Will you help to increase the number of skills and services cataloged  in the Mahoning Valley Time Bank data base? Person to person conversations are great to tell people about the Time Bank and increase members. Weaving connections among friends and associates in a skill archive data base is actively, engaging and building a mutual support system. Face to face is the first step to organizations being engaged.

Yet, another efficient outreach is encouraging different organizations (See above graph) to use the service exchange on line data base. It’s through working together that will help people and organizations meet their goals.

All In This Together, Background and Context:

Here’s how you can help with  “all in this together”  outreach efforts, for example, send this page to everyone that you know living or working in the Mahoning Valley. Please use the social media buttons on the bottom of the page. Message your Facebook time line, your email associates, and anyone that you know that could benefit by joining our Time Bank? Lets get the word out!

If you want to discuss the above ideas, Contact Tony
Thanks and All the Best Success in your Life,
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