You’re Invited to Accept Trade In Time Credits

Our Mahoning Valley Invites Community Busnesses Partners who respect volunteer gifting WORK TIME. Your organization business or nonprofit is invited to thank, value and honor unpaid work from community volunteers.

At the heart of the core economy are our extraordinary corporate partners who accept Time Credits for activities volunteers provide on an hour-for-hour basis. These partners help drive impact for our members’ with opportunities, and are taking part in a groundbreaking national network. We are always on the lookout for new additions to the network and would love to hear from you if you would like to be involved. Please CLICK the following to set up a time to Chat about this opportunity.

Zero Marginal Cost –

Maintains the current cost burden while attracting a new customer segment to generate additional revenue.

The conventional way for a business owner to reach full capacity would be to offer a general discount, but the disadvantage of that conventional approach is that it cannibalizes the income generated by customers that would normally be there anyway. In contrast, accepting Time Credits (complementary currencies) enables the business to differentiate between customers, without reducing the income from normal customers. Moreover, the business can decide itself that it only accepts complementary currency clients on weekdays, for instance, because it is usually fully booked on weekends. This is why airlines use frequent flyer mile programs to fill their seats, rather than general discounts, and have restrictions such as “frequent flyer seating not available around key holiday dates”.

Why time credits could be great for your business

This is how Time Credits (complementary currencies) can help businesses gain access to otherwise “unused resources” and mobilize these resources to realize unmet needs. Businesses can also use this additional payment medium for whatever purposes they wish. There are also “indirect advantages” for businesses in taking part. They are seen by their regional customers as active citizens supporting social and environmental quality of life without having to raise taxes.

Accepting Time Credits in your organization is straightforward. We are able to walk you through the steps towards becoming a Time Bank partner. Being part of our network can also help you!

Time Credits can help you diversify your audiences, reach out to isolated communities, make better use of your facilities, develop your marketing in local communities and much, much more. Please CLICK the following to set up a time to Chat about this opportunity.

Join the community List of Venues that accept Time Credits

<strong>Check out this list and let us know if you wish to be a Partner that accepts Time credits</strong>

Unincorporated groups (GROUP) e.g.
~~~3rd Monday Movie Night
~~~Ride Buddies
non-profit (ORG) e.g.
~~~drug rehab
family (FAM) e.g.
~~~The Johnsons
business (BIZ) e.g.
~~~The Hot Dog Shop
faith-based (FAITH) e.g.
~~~First Presbyterian Church
club (CLUB) e.g.
Daisy’s Bridge Club
governmental agency (GOV) e.g.
~~~Lakeview Township
project (PROJ) e.g.
~~~Franks Coupon Swap
educational (EDU) e.g.
~~~Library Book Club
medical (MED) e.g.
~~~Quick Clinic
arts (ARTS) e.g.
~~~Municipal Art Gallery