When I first heard about TimeBanking, I was very impressed with the concept. I found that it expanded my awareness of how I could reach out to people in my own neighborhood. When I was going out of town I found a neighbor who was very willing to water my garden for me. She transported people to airports, so I hired her to do that for me. When I returned home she had some physical challenges, so I offered to do a Touch for Health testing and balancing to put her body back in the normal healing mode and speed up her healing. We have become walking partners in the neighborhood.

I started coming to TimeBanking get togethers, and found them enjoyable and informative. I recognized people there that I had seen in the community and had an opportunity to get to know them. Tony Budak was very helpful in explaining the TimeBanking concept with no pressure to join. It gave me an opportunity to explore the possibilities for myself. I found that I was sharing the concept with others and engaging them in conversation around how it could be beneficial to them. The friend, who had originally shared the TimeBanking brochure with me, became involved in the Youth Court project, which is a very worthwhile community project. She recently joined TimeBanking herself, and I did also. I was talking with another neighbor who would like to join me at our next community exchange get together.

Creating community and reaching out to one another brings about a feeling of connectedness that is missing in these times. Helping one another and knowing that others are there for you when you need them helps to decrease feelings of anxiety and isolation. Its a good feeling being a part of an organization that honors everyone for their skills and contributions.