Comment by Ruth Dineen on July 4, 2013 at 17:10 
More good news!

The Welsh Government’s Building Resilient Communities strategy published a couple of days ago makes explicit reference to timebanking and to the need for a co-produced approach to service design and delivery by Communities First.

Best bits are:
Critically each Cluster has a Community Involvement Plan which shows how local people and community organisations will be central in planning and delivering work with other key partners working with them supporting all aspects of the programme. There is an emphasis on tackling the needs identified by the communities themselves…

Time Banking
The development of time banking within the Communities First programme can support active volunteering in communities and rewards people with time credits. Timebanking is being undertaken in a number of Clusters and is being further supported by a project jointly funded by Interreg. The project will support 12 Clusters and will further develop this model of working with local businesses, service providers and other funders.


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