April 29,2020, 

Invitation – Raising the Value of Learning

Welcome to TimeBanks Work, Learning About Options for the Future 

July 3, 2020,

• Why: We believe that the role of leaders today is changing from heroes to hosts. A new email list on the Rise Up system requires a list name and purpose approved by the Rise Up administration. The List name submitted, TimeBanksWork, and the top-level Subject, Raising the Value of Learning (RVL), thus the name and purpose was recently approved. URL: https://lists.riseup.net/www/info/timebankswork

• What: Our purpose is to host safe harbors of thoughtful conversations where people develop both the clarity and commitment to lead. A global email list hosting email Topics for discussion. Raising the Value of Learning (RVL) considers the co-production of a new ‘learning currency’, created by the agreement of different players in the ‘learning system’ to give and receive time, recorded in the form of ‘Time to Learn Credits’ (TLCs).

When anyone works in the unpaid core economy, they are invited to join a local TimeBank, which makes administration, meeting practices, all unpaid work efforts thanked and documented with spendable Time Credits. A Super COOL way to learn and commit to building relations of mutual trust.

RVL – Project Aims and Objectives
a) To construct a new learning dialogue, the message being that “if you help build the collective capacity of your Learning Network, your Learning Network will help the development of your individual capacity”.
b) To design, promote and develop new frameworks of learning that encourage cooperation and reciprocity

• How: We are hosting conversations for leaders to listen, learn, and lead. To begin a discussion, simply specify a Topic in your email Subject field, provide that Topic’s information in the Content field, and post the email To: timebankswork@lists.riseup.net

Some Examples of Topics for the discussion list: • Ann Arbor Community Commons • AACC Trello Board • Global Teach-In • Regional and Local Currency Systems • Mahoning Watershed Garden virtual gatherings • Explore Raising the Value of Learning • Explore TimeBank applications • Labor Day • Deep Adaptation to Climate forum • QiqoChat • Open Space Tech gatherings • Co-production • More about TBs Work List • ? Update • ? Announcement

You are invited to help in whatever way about your concern or intentions, (subject/Topic)? Let us know what is on your mind, events, group, or project, whatever?

Please post to: timebankswork@lists.riseup.net
Contact List Owner: TonyBudak@TBMW.org