Gatherings at Mahoning Watershed & Gardens

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TimeBank Mahoning Watershed Conversations

Hi There, Welcome to video conversations in a virtual garden habitat.

It’s another Open Space gathering scheduled for Wednesday, May 13 @ 10:30 AM EDT
Do stop by and join the conversation at Watershed & Garden Conversation.

TimeBank Mahoning Watershed is hosting scheduled interactive video discussions where you co-create an agenda of topics in real-time on themes and questions that matter to you. 🙂

  • Why: We believe that the role of leaders today is changing from heroes to hosts.
  • How: We are hosting conversations for leaders to listen, learn, and lead.
  • What: Our purpose is to host safe harbors of thoughtful conversations where people develop both the clarity and commitment to lead.

TBMW & QiqoChat co-created Mahoning Watershed Garden Conversations a website that provides free online video conferencing for those of us interested in talking about ideas. The site, based on learning visits to Natural Habitats or Gardens, is a new take on the breakout room model and is available 24/7. The Watershed with its Gardens is inviting, relaxing and stress-free. You can use this site for communicating with the public or each other about ideas that matter.

1. Download Zoom for audio/video and then close it.
2. Go to our event page and enter a guest username.
3. Click “Join Video”.

We hope you’ll join us Wednesdays, @ 10:30 AM EDT, at a Watershed & Garden Conversation.

A problem with Qiqo/Zoom set up? Simply call my cell 330-716-2722, for help.

And please pass this invite to your colleagues.

I can’t wait to see and hear from you.
Cheers, Tony Budak

P.S. Also you may Do It Yourself – When you wish to host a conversation, simply send an engaging invitation to your colleagues to gather at a specific date and time, at Mahoning Watershed Garden Conversations at