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Visit our Time Bank Mahoning Watershed Sites

  1. TimeBank Mahoning Watershed (PAGE) – Learning and Sharing New Economic Strategies at
  2. TimeBank Mahoning Valley (GROUP) for posting offers and requests at
  3. Mahoning Valley Resilience Café (GROUP) to improve our regions’ health and wealth in terms of participants actively engaged in the renaissance occurring in the Mahoning Valley’s communities, towns and cities at
  4. TimeBanks Work (PAGE) – Tony Budak’s Network at
  5. Girard Ohio, TimeBankEngaged as resource to residents, learn what TimeBanking is, and transform our community
  6. WeShare CenterBrick & Mortar Closed while we search for another location? If you have unused or excess floor space to gift to a WeShare Center, call 330-716-2722 or Email –  Currently online (GROUP) at
  7. Time Bank Mahoning Watershed EVENTS Calendar
  8. Time Bank Mahoning Watershed BLOG
  9. Please record non-paid community service time in the member time credit accounts at
  10. Join Time Bank Mahoning Watershed People sharing time, skill, knowledge to build happier healthier communities

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