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Role IV. Webmaster

The web master is at home in front of the computer. They don’t need to be a computer whiz, just comfortable with exploring software. They are the go to person when any member or leader doesn’t understand something about the on-line Community Weaver software.

The On-Line Time Banking Trainer/Webmaster has three main tasks:

A. Basic Trainings and Technical Support

There is a demo movie on the TimeBanks USA website that covers all the basics of running the Community Weaver software. Many members will find the demo movie provides all the training they need to go on-line and get started. Other members will need more training. The orientation coordinator can provide some of this basic training, but there needs to be at least one person in the Time Bank who knows the software inside and out.

B. Local Web master

All the on-line content on the community page of the local Time Bank is posted by the local webmaster. The web master uploads text on upcoming community events, urgent requests, and pictures of past events. No knowledge of HTML is required (though if you know it you can make even fancier pages). The member engagement coordinator can be trained to post events as well, but often needs the web master to answer questions when they get stuck.

C. Technical liaison to the TimeBanks USA web master

The local Time Bank web master is responsible for reading the software manual cover to cover. Sometimes users will ask questions that even stump the local web master. The local web master can look up answers in the software manual (users rarely do) or consult the software support web forum. The local web master is the contact person for surveys on which new features should be given priority and training on new features when they are implemented.

Get Involved


  • Offers and wants appear on our website or catalog. A member makes contact with another member to make an exchange. Members agree to exchange the service in question at the rate of one time bank hour per hour of service, and make the exchange. Then either member can report the transaction, the other gets an email to indicate its occurrence, and the exchange is recognized. If a mistake occurs simply notify a time bank coordinator and we can easily correct it.
  • TimeBanking is all about people like you personally getting involved in your community
  • Get involved in a neighbor to neighbor service exchangeUse the TimeBank program to achieve your organizational objective while building organizational solidarity
  • Include TimeBanking to at the grassroots and campaign level to process the core labor relations of care, community, civic, cultural and social justice objectives.
  • Volunteer to work as TimeBank core staff to assist the TimeBank mission.

Spread the Word

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Groups, Clubs, Projects, and Organizations are all invited  to be network members within the Time Bank. Time Banking provides new ways of rewarding volunteer service while making deeper connections within your program. We look forward to local service agencies, block watch and neighborhood groups and as well as businesses, exchanging labor for meeting space, tickets, etc. Click to request information about types of Organization Memberships.

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