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Your Needed On Time Bank’s Team

A Time Bank community can’t be delivered to you like a pizza.

I wonder who cares at all about Co-Creating a community. Knitting and knowing your community is non-paid work,  and can only happen if you care and commit to do it together.

Our Time Bank is a member driven organization which needs every member’s participation to help keep it flourishing.  We are asking for each member to contribute at least 12 hours per year of community service to help administer T B M W per year. That’s one hour per month.

If you would like to participate more directly in TBMW’s growth, please choose one or more of the following functions you would work on. For any concerns contact TonyBudak@TBMW.org or call 330-716-2722 to talk about the service gift you are willing to offer.

  1. Outreach, Membership Expansion, Help Administer Our Join Process Marketing / PR
  2. Organizational Membership Development (Merchant, Faith, School, etc.) Exchange Match Maker Team
  3. Connect Members with Ads & Requests
  4. Postmasters, Logging and Editing Exchanges between Members and for TBMW Events
  5. New Member Orientations Team, Help Conduct Introduction Sessions on Time Banking
  6. New Member Buddy (help new members navigate and learn about Time Banking)
  7. Newsletter Contributor, Article Writer, Editor
  8. Sunshine Committee Team, Greeters, Nurture Member Participation/Enthusiasm
  9. Assist with Writing and Editing Procedures, Member Guides, Handbooks, Training Materials
  10. Guardian Angel – Help Members without Internet Access
  11. Sharing Economy Support (help manage web pages, inventory lists, field questions)
  12. Event Committee Member, Help Develop and Promote Events
  13. Assist with Financial Reporting, Dues Management, and Fundraising Activities
  14. Deal Maker, Host and/or Provide Places/Locations for TBMW Events (meetings, potlucks, etc.)
  15. Assist Potluck Coordinator (theming, setup, meal prep, lead activities/games, cleanup, etc.)
  16. Support Team for Time & Talent database, Help Desk, Computer Buddy
  17. Contribute to TBMW’s Web Site Design, Add/Enhance Content
  18. Site Admin / Tech Team / CMS Customization / Featurization
  19. Participate on TBMW’s Management Team or the TBMW Management Advisory Board
  20. Otherwise – What’s your preference?

Together we’ll keep our community operating optimally for you and every member.
Thank you for helping TBMW serve you and our community better!

About TBMW’s Convener

Tony BudakTony Budak hails from Youngstown, Ohio.  In 2004, after 40 years and 6 months of service, he retired from Delphi Packard Automotive in Warren, Ohio.

In 1966 Budak was drafted in to the Army where he served the majority of his time in Korat, Thailand.  He worked as a Military Police Investigator and was honorably discharged in 1968.

After returning from active duty, Budak became a department supervisor. In 1973 he decided to leave management and he returned to the shop floor. Budak became active in the Union, and was eventually elected to IUE 717’s Executive Board, holding that office 13 years.   Following his years on the Executive Committee Budak was elected as Sub-Chairman of IUE-CWA Local 717.  At the time of his service, Local 717 was the largest IUE-CWA Local in the world.  As Sub-Chair, Budak was an active and outspoken member of the Bargaining Committee and was responsible for enforcing the contract between 717 and Delphi Packard Electric- GM. In the course of his time at Packard, Budak received his M.S. in Community Economic Development, from New Hampshire College in 1991.

Shortly after retirement, Budak founded Time Bank Mahoning Watershed, and in 2009 TBMW received tax exempt status from the IRS.  Mr. Budak is TBMW’s CEO and chief evangelist.  Tony resides in Hubbard, Ohio in a renovated barn with his wife, Jennie, and is the father of two children, Anthony and Cordelia.

Specialties: Worker Owned Business, Solidarity Unionism, Grievance Handling, Web Forum Administration, TimeBank Coordinator.

Catch up on Convener’s blog posts by Tony Budak

TBMW in the News

AdvancesTBMW has been featured in local media recently.

Please follow the links to read local newspaper articles.

08-09-10 The Youngstown Vindicator

08-07-27 The Warren Tribune Chronicle

09-08-30 The Warren Tribune Chronicle

 Sherry Linkon of WYSU-FM interviewed Tony Budak, Coordinator, TimeBank Mahoning Watershed for her radio program “Lincoln Avenue.” The Information is a bit out dated, but still 99% spot on.

Click here to listen to the audio file of their conversation
(Right Click the link above to save to your computer.)
Click here for Sherry’s blog entry.

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