A Conversation with Gwendolyn Hallsmith

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Welcome to video conversations in a virtual garden habitat. 
Our guest Gwendolyn Hallsmith, is the founder and Executive Director of Global Community Initiatives, a non-profit organization established in 2002 to work with communities to implement the Earth Charter.

1) author of three books and workbooks on monetary reform and complementary currencies,
2) founder of the Headwaters Garden and Learning Center, an ecovillage and community land trust in Cabot, Vermont,
3) City planner and author of the 100-year planning methodology used by cities all over the world, including Calgary, Alberta, Newburgh, NY, and Montpelier, VT,
4) musical parody songwriter and singer.

We’ll talk about what we would love to be possible in our future. “So you want to start a Commons?” Simply follow the prompts below.

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