Idea: Interview Series on Timebanking Best Practices/Business and Timebanking

Started by Nicole Willson, March 26, 2015, 01:06:14 pm

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Tony Budak

Thanks for writing up this great idea Nicole.  I feel working through the process would make for some very interesting and emerging outcomes, hopefully not only documenting past and current better practices but also creating new and improve procedures. Wouldn't that be welcomed? I'm totally in support and would help somehow.

So now what do you think is the next step, is it how to go about developing a list of topics?

If you are a member of The Time Bank Coordinator Idea Exchange and hOurwold Admin News and Announcements thread, will you place this call for ideas there? I sincerely encourage you to do so.

Both of those applications, Facebook and hOurworld are not effective over longer time durations and concurrent discussions, so I'm asking that we invite participants to gather here at one of TimeBanks Work forum boards.

Looking forward to your comments?
Cheers, Tony
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Nicole Willson

Based on the conference calls that have been happening, it seems like there are a lot of common questions about time banking that people would like different perspectives on. In addition, the content of these interviews could be used to build a library of timebank related resources including best practice documents, how-tos, etc.

I was thinking it would be a good idea to have a series of readily accessible YouTube video interviews that people could turn to if they can't make the calls and need best practices for running a time bank. Since I don't have video software, I was just thinking we could use audio accompanied  by background images. While I have experience conducting interviews, I'm not a video expert so I was thinking Intertrade could be used to find people to help produce the videos, as well as experts to speak on certain topics.

Here's an outline of the process I have in mind, but if anyone has suggestions, let me know:

Interview Creation Process

Here's how I think we could go about creating an interview series on timebanking:

1. Develop a list of topics/frequently asked questions.
2. Put a request on Intertrade for speakers around those topics or contact timebanking experts we already know, including:

  • timebank coordinators
    business owners who have worked with timebanks
    people who have provided services to businesses through the timebank

3. Schedule interviews and prepare questions.
4. Interview experts via Skype and use a call recorder. The free call recorders only record audio. If we think we need video, than we would need to get money to purchase software or have someone who owns that kind of software do the interviews.
5. Use Tunes2Tube to make audio into a YouTube video or to transcribe the video. Or you could use Intertrade to ask someone to turn the audio into a YouTube interview with images -- this would be better than just going the Tunes2Tube route.
6. Create or agree upon pre-existing YouTube account for posting these videos
7. Add videos to YouTube:

  • write description

  • add closed captioning

8. Promote videos on social media groups for timebank coordinators.

Alternative: Taking audio and transcribing it into a text interview. Transcription is something I could do.