Using Internet Technology for Co-Production

Started by Tony Budak, January 17, 2015, 12:20:41 am

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Tony Budak

A Work in Progress;

Much of time banking is peer to peer or silo to silo and less about group action, group goals, or co-production. So in an attempt to move the time bank conversation to be more line with communitarian ways I'm throwing these questions out there for your consideration.

Most important is what messages does our software application sends to our members.

This project is about building in appropriate executes, in the form of Q & As, etc. which results in learning and doing Collective Action | Co-Production. Simply by using a web page, containing Questions and blank or empty  fields for Answers, we can document Co-Pro action.

Yes there are Co-Production cases or projects. But these usually result from people processes and facilitation not from software IT guided process. A form designed to reveal a co-production group outcome linked to a time and service  exchange program would simultaneously track Co-production. Thereby help coordinators and teams process collective actions | Co-Production and achieving better results.

• What is successful community engagement?

• Foundations want to know in terms of social growth (community development) what works and what doesn't.

• So that is why I'm asking in any community development program, what are the bottom line measurement indicators or evidence of collective actions?

• And how do we document or gather the evidence?

Please suggest edits to improve this draft?

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