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Started by Tony Budak, June 20, 2012, 11:21:46 pm

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Stephen Beckett

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Not at all! When I joined Hour Exchange Portland in 2006 they were using software called TimeKeeper written by Kent Gordon, and they could only get about 20% of their membership to use Community Weaver I.

I was going to provide Physical Therapy services to uninsured members and was going to need frequent access to my account. At that time they were handling all of the hours recording on little slips of paper we'd hand in, and could only send out a statement one every three months!

I wanted to see my statement on-line, had written and published software and websites (a side business for fun and profit) and offered to repair and adapt Time Keeper. It turned out to be "rat's nest programming" so I told them it would be easier to start from scratch.

I interviewed the staff for a full day, went off to code and Time and Talents was born, the software that now powers hOurworld, a national network of service exchanges based on the core principals from the founding "sisters".

Am I a hero? I just wanted to see my statement on-line and had the wherewithal to provide a viable and immediate solution.

Tony Budak

Is leadership only for heroes?
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