Any one have a hi-res graphic showing a circle of giving/receiving?

Started by Gretchen Zalkind, June 22, 2012, 11:09:19 am

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Gretchen Zalkind

WOW! I got great response on the Google group and was given something that I could edit in a hurry to replace Time Dollars with Hour Credits - Here is a link if others need to use it:

Thanks to all!!!

Gretchen Zalkind

I have written an article about our TimeBank for a community newspaper and would like to provide a graphic that illustrates the TimeBank concept wiyth drawings of people doing things for each other in a circle.

Graphics that I am finding on the internet are low res and use the term "Time Dollar." Our TimeBank (New Orleans) is only 7 months old and we do not use the word "dollar."

If anyone has such a graphic - pdf format preferably - I will give you credit!! Thanks!! Gretchen