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Chatting / Re: “How’s the Weather?” Start...
Last post by Tony Budak - January 29, 2022, 10:07:11 pm
Dear Colleagues,
You must know that this Forum, a three element set up hosting a Global Rebirth is a total experiment. :D So please have at it, be ruthless but polite in what you write. Oh and having fun is a must do. ;D
Thanks for co-producing our tomorrows,
Chatting / “How’s the Weather?” Starts He...
Last post by Tony Budak - January 29, 2022, 09:35:44 pm
Dear Colleagues,
Here attached is an invite letter, "How's the Weather?", from Michael Greenman's team asking for your active engagement addressing climate change. Click to See the letter - You cannot see attachments on this board. 

The challenge is how people get engaged in to a learn and do culture that is relevant to their lives, supports their aspirations and recognizes their own inherent talents; while recognizing that communities are full of unused talent, skill, knowledge and experience.

Please post your ideas, or suggestions in one of the three key elements listed here in this forum.
Chatting / Welcome It's Great to Meet YOU...
Last post by Tony Budak - January 29, 2022, 06:25:09 pm
My Bio:
Tony Budak hails from Youngstown, Ohio. In 2004, after 40 years and 6 months of service, he retired from Delphi Packard Automotive in Warren, Ohio.

In 1966 Budak was drafted in to the Army where he served the majority of his time in Korat, Thailand. He worked as a Military Police Investigator and was honorably discharged in 1968.

After returning from active duty, Budak became a department supervisor. In 1973 he decided to leave management and he returned to the shop floor. Budak became active in the Union, and was eventually elected to IUE 717's Executive Board, holding that office 13 years. Following his years on the Executive Committee Budak was elected as Sub-Chairman of IUE-CWA Local 717. At the time of his service, Local 717 was the largest IUE-CWA Local in the world. As Sub-Chair, Budak was an active and outspoken member of the Bargaining Committee and was responsible for enforcing the contract between 717 and Delphi Packard Electric- GM.

In the course of his time at Packard, Budak received his M.S. in Community Economic Development, from New Hampshire College in 1991.Shortly after retirement, Budak founded Time Bank Mahoning Watershed, and in 2009 TBMW received tax exempt status from the IRS.

Mr. Budak is TBMW's CEO and chief evangelist. Tony resides in Hubbard, Ohio in a renovated barn with his wife, Jennie. He is the father of two children, Anthony II and Cordelia, and four grand kids, Anthony III, Maggoty, Hunter, and Fletcher.

Let's Co-produce Sustainable Economies through Community Organizations

Tony Budak invites change-makers and host facilitators to collaborate with the emergent Solidarity Economy. This project focuses on the needs and contributions of volunteers, leaders, and learners in the unpaid core economy.

• Site Foundation: TimeBank Mahoning Watershed works to achieve Sustainable Economies through Community Organizations. Click
• Added Process and Outcome Focus:
• Mahoning Watershed Gardens provides online video conferencing for those of us interested in talking about ideas. Click
• Raising the Value of Learning the application of time currency on community learning. Click

Our audience is connected and thriving communities where neighbors not only know one another by name. But are inspired to meet each other's needs, share their resources and knowledge, and collectively build the world they dream is possible.

Thanks for creating our tomorrow,
Tony Budak MS CED
Timebankday2019 / Re: Happy Birthday Gifts to Ed...
Last post by Tony Budak - March 24, 2019, 01:56:11 pm
A Global Networking Chat - 1st Int Timebanking Day - Edgar Cahn's Birthday, March 23, 2019 - Take Aways

Yes, that was a great call, of course I'm biased lol. Thank you for sharing time and wisdom.

We learned that QiQo, Quality In Quality Out, overrides the Zoom Chat function feature. QiQo replaces chat with a full feature simultaneous browser document tab, allowing participants to Co-Authoring meeting notes, (see example 2nd link below) or join Topic break rooms for co-authoring and video conversations.

Here is the video; 1st Int Timebanking Day, Global Networking Chat - VIDEO;

Here are the text NOTES records; 1st Int Timebanking Day, Global Networking Chat -  NOTES;

Timebankday2019 / Happy Birthday Gifts to Edgar ...
Last post by Tony Budak - March 23, 2019, 08:31:16 am
My Birthday present to Edgar is to host TimeBank open agenda conversations here on this discussion forum.
Share and tell us  all about your gift?
Timebankday2019 / You’re Invited to a Global N...
Last post by Tony Budak - March 21, 2019, 10:18:27 pm
You’re Invited to a Global Networking Chat
Saturday, March 23, 2018

Please join us and other TimeBank Champions for the inaugural
International Timebanking Day Celebration held on Edgar Cahn’s Birthday

Dr. Edgar S. Cahn is the creator of Time Dollars and the founder of TimeBanks USA, as well as the co-founder of the National Legal Services Program
and the Antioch School of Law (now the David A. Clarke School of Law).

He is the author of “No More Throw Away People: The Co-Production Imperative,” “Time Dollars” (co-author Jonathan Rowe, Rodale Press, 1992),
“Our Brother’s Keeper: The Indian in White America,” (1972) and “Hunger USA.”

Please RSVP as soon as possible?  Then enter the interactive webinar
a couple of minutes before the start time. Here is a link to the website

Now CLICK thru the following

    1.    Click RED â€" Participate Now button

    2.    Click RED button on the left to Join Video

    3.    ZOOM video will pop up - ALL SET to share and chat

If you have any questions or suggestions hit reply
to email TonyBudak at TBMW dot org

Thanks and All Good to YOU,
Tony Budak

Timebankday2019 / Re: EXAMPLE - POST your Topic(...
Last post by Tony Budak - March 13, 2019, 10:14:28 am
Celebrate International TimeBank Day with our community of practice on March 23, to coincide the Happy Day event on Edgar Cahn's birthday. Should you have musings, stories, or thoughts to share in this regard, please
Timebankday2019 / Something Along the Lines of a...
Last post by tmort - February 06, 2019, 07:07:42 pm
I joined this group awhile ago as I had an idea that was along the lines of a time bank.  I don't think I've shared it with this group, just looked over this site to see if something like this might already exist.

I'm not in a position to do much with this, but, I thought I'd put it here.  Maybe someone has some ideas.

I've been involved as a board member of a neighborhood association.  President Obama started out as a community organizer, not the same thing, but, it was also engagement at a local level.  A pretty constant topic at our board meetings was how to raise money and build community.  Some funding came from grants of one sort or another, but, usually the grants were for a specific purpose, often for a specific area within the neighborhood.  Also, grants usually have requirements to submit progress reports on how the money was spent, progress, etc.  It involves some work to do this.  As a grass root volunteer organization, keeping any sort of project together is tricky.  You also have to anticipate the need for the grant, submit proposals and wait. Sometimes situations just arise that could use some attention now rather than later. That it why we were always on the lookout for ways to raise money that was free of a lot stipulations.

Here is an idea I thought of and thought through a little as a result of that.  It might help raise some money, but, could also help build community by crating local connections and bonds. It is not something our organization could hope to try to pull off on our own, but, perhaps if it could be made to work our organization and many others could use it. It is actually a couple already existing ideas put together in a little different way. There are some technical hurdles involved and possibly some legal issues as well.  An organization such as the Obama Foundation will certainly have many people with many talents attracted to it. Within this group there could easily be people with the needed expertise to look into these issues and come up with a solution to them or know conclude that it is unworkable.

This is an idea that groups such as neighborhood groups might be able to use to generate operating funds, create community, increase membership, etc.

The idea requires some software development. I had looked into the possibility of using crowdfunding to raise money to pay for programming.  Maybe grants could be used as well  I ran the idea by, a crowdfunding site for local environmental initiatives (community building is considered environmental by this group.)  They liked the idea and said it would be a good fit for their site.  I also ran it by a local software development company and they said it was too small a project for them and suggested looking for others who share a passion for this to do the development.  At this point as I'm not sure where to look for other software developers either for hire or programmers who like the idea.  I developed some software and set it up on  I got some help there, but, I did most of the programming (with lots of help from people in a number of software development discussion groups.  It also took a long time. 

It wasn't something that the members of the board of the neighborhood organization could handle on their own.  I was also pretty heavily involved in elder care issues at the time and still don't have enough time or talent to devote to it. 

There is also a potential legal issue.  More lack of time and talent.  I talked to someone about it and he said what I was thinking about was similar to something called time banking which has been around for quite some time.  I see that it was used extensively, I think in Spain and other places in Europe after the recent currency collapse.  It served as sort of an alternative currency since no one had any money.  It is also similar to bartering.  That is where the legal issues could come in.  Some could view this idea as a scheme to avoid taxes.  That was never what I had in mind, but, I can see how it could be viewed this way.  Somehow a system would have to be developed that accounts for and sees to it that transactions that need to be taxed and the whole thing is properly reported, etc.  Also, if services are involved, there needs to be some way to insure that the people offering any services are actually qualified to do so. 

This idea also used a bit of software.  It sort of allows people to bid on goods and services of (in this case) offered by people and businesses in their neighborhood.  It is sort of like ebay or that sort of thing.  Possibly, someone could contact an online auction place like ebay [my personal view is that working with ebay/paypal at the present time would be like making a deal with the devil] and they could provide a special adaptation to their site/services for this sort of thing and maybe handle any custom programming, etc.

Anyway, here is the idea:

The idea is that businesses in the neighborhood as well as residents/groups and others outside the neighborhood could donate their services or goods to the neighborhood association and residents of the area could bid on the items with the proceeds going to the neighborhood association. I got the idea from a silent auction that Fountain Street Church has used to raise money.  The difference is this would be online.  It would sort of be like a combination of Groupon and ebay.

This idea will take a lot of time and effort to setup as it involves creating some software.  However, the idea is that the software will be designed to be readily modified for use by other neighborhood associations in the first place, plus it will be open source so it is freely available to other neighborhood organizations to use and modify I'm thinking that work could be farmed out all that work by hiring a software company through donations from crowdfunding or a grant because the software will be able to be used lots of other places. Potential donors and grant sources could be from outside our area as it could be used many other places.

The idea is that businesses in the neighborhood as well as residents/groups and others outside the neighborhood could donate their services or goods to the neighborhood association and residents of the area could bid on the items with the proceeds going to the neighborhood association. I got the idea from a silent auction that Fountain Street Church has used to raise money.  The difference is this would be online.  It would sort of be like a combination of Groupon and ebay.

For businesses this would:

Provide both free advertising/promotion of their products or services
Let people get an feel for quality of service for ongoing services (hair care, auto service, training and classes, etc.)
let people know they are supporting the neighborhood and building community
For businesses and professionals with established rates for services and items this besides being a nice gesture it is probably tax deductible

For residents and groups this would:

Let people share and maybe even teach some of their special interests in support of the neighborhood
partake in things they enjoy
help the neighborhood and build community

Besides raise money through the winning bids the process would also increase funding by:

Gathering contact information including email to inexpensively send newsletters, surveys, recruitment efforts, etc. or;

Raise money immediately
by requiring some level of membership to participate in auction
Gathering contact information including email to inexpensively send newsletters, surveys, recruitment efforts, etc.

Simply be content to gather contact information including email to inexpensively send newsletters, surveys, recruitment efforts, etc.

This will require some software and this will take some money. The idea is for the software to be open source and configurable so that other neighborhood associations and community groups could set it up for their needs. It should be some sort of module that can be easily integrated into whatever sort of web presence(s) that the neighborhood association is using (ie standard website, Wordpress site, Facebook, Google+, etc. By using this approach funding could come from:

Grants for community projects from sources outside of this community as it could be used in the grantee's community as well
Would be a good fit with crowdfunding, which may require less administration and red tapes as through the grant process. The funding could come from donations outside of this community for the same reason as above and could come from both businesses that see they might benefit as well as individuals, both ordinary and philanthropic and even other neighborhood associations.

This could further help increase membership and donations by combining it with a mobile app.

Fliers for various neighborhood events could be posted at local businesses and in the newsletter, which would have a Qr code with more information on both the events and to install an app to participate in the auction process (as either a buyer or seller) that will require a valid email to activate:
Be content just having contact information and simply allow them to use app or,
Require some level of membership to use

Some potential issues:

Goods and services for auction should probably require some oversight to insure that:

If service etc. requires any sort of licensing, certification, etc. that the person/business/group has it
Ensure that goods/service is widely considered acceptable and legal
Timebankday2019 / EXAMPLE - POST your Topic(s) f...
Last post by Tony Budak - February 06, 2019, 01:26:26 pm

International TimeBank Day, Sunday,
March 23, 2019, Edgar Cahn’s Birthday.

Please post - START A NEW TOPIC THREAD - an idea that you would like to share.

International TimeBank Day is fast approaching. Please post your thoughts and any events, projects or actions you are set to do? Please tell us how you will celebrate Edgar's Birthday?

If there is someone that you wish to respond to your topic, send send that person or persons this link. If they are not a member they will be ask to join.

TimeBanksWork is a discussion project of TimeBank Mahoning Watershed, I am available to answer your questions. Just CLICK the following to set up meeting details.
Thanks for creating our tomorrows,
Creating Abundance / CO-PRODUCTION: HOW COMMUNITY P...
Last post by Tony Budak - February 06, 2018, 11:01:33 pm
Thanks for sharing your time and ideas at Creating Abundance 2/6/2018

Here are a few ideas regards working together to create abundance:

Thanks again for creating our tomorrows,
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