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Title: Registration and Intake
Post by: Tony Budak on January 12, 2015, 08:50:44 am

Registration and Intake

Would anyone care if the intake process were more automatic, making it required that certain fields were completed in order to be an active member.

I'm thinking that applicants for example must enter a short bio, a photo, 2 offers / 2 requests, and send a money donation which then triggers a automatic activation and acknowledgement to the new time banker.

This is about an intake process step. As a Coordinator would you prefer that these fields be located in the intake process that is filled first in order to access the data base not after?

Should new time bankers register not only an identity but also enroll a completed profile it into the database?

What are your thoughts regards, to the idea of creating a intake form titled. "Complete this form to activate your Time Bank account"?