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Starting a Time Bank

Often I’m asked to mentor a new Time Bank somewhere is the USA and what follows is the core information packet that  I send to a new Coordinator to get them rolling. I’m sending this to you because you picked up on this so fast and I want you to have all the information.

Of course you should read through all the site pages at Time Bank Mahoning Watershed for a good foundational introduction.

In the above site at Time Banks Work there are practical suggestions and many files to consider in a Time Bank effort.
Just skim this archive, as it would be helpful down the road.

Again in the above site there is a section that focuses on Starting a Time Bank (Section 1 and Section 2) This is a must to read and follow up reading all the hyper links in the both article sections.

Also you should adsorb the general ideas at the hOurWorld web site, in particular this page on first steps.
Another point of view, rather more practical, but good none the less.

Oh yes, it would be a good idea to upload the free version of Skype on to your computer, coordinators and I Skype a lot.

And You will probably pick up a lot of learning take aways by participating
in the action on a Time Bank Coordinators group on Facebook;

Okay that’s it, please contact me for anything except a Federal money loan LOL.

If you want to discuss the above ideas, Contact Tony Budak

Ask your Coordinator?

Do you have a Time Bank, service exchange, or community currency question or comment?

Ask your Coordinator?

Click the “comment” button in the upper right corner and post your question or comment, or reply in the text box below. Looking forward to hear from you.

Or you want to discuss the above ideas, Contact Tony

Thanks and Cheers,
Tony Budak


If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us.
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What’s the Time Bank Mahoning Watershed?
 The Time Bank Mahoning Watershed is an independent grass-roots, non-profit organization that promotes and enables sharing skills and time among its members. Unlike a barter club, we value the community connections that are made as much as the exchange itself and we actively draw out the hidden talents and unfulfilled aspirations of our members.
What is it, really?
TBMW is a member-run service that builds community and true security. A free online database program manages both the directory of services & requests and an accounting system for keeping track of Hours.
Where is the Time Bank Mahoning Watershed Located?
The Time Bank is both a virtual and real community. It is located in a four county region comprised of Trumbull, Mahoning, Columbiana in Ohio, and Mercer in Pennsylvania. The area surrounds Youngstown, Ohio 44501. Our members are on line at www.tbmw.org. We meet both regularly and where ever two or more members meet. See our upcoming events. All meetings are open to the public. “Helpers” assist members with exchanges and managing their accounts.
Who Coordinates the service exchange program?
Click “Contact form”
or write to TBMW
c/o Tony Budak
1559 Warner Rod
Hubbard, OH
In addition Click Core Coordinators Team to find help.
How does a service exchange work?
A Time Bank is a community of people who support each other. When you spend an hour to do something for an individual or group, you earn a Time Dollar. Then you can use that Time Dollar to buy an hour of a neighbor’s time or engage in a group activity offered by a neighbor. Take a look at the Time Banking Way cartoon to see some examples! (Click) [br] It’s that simple. Yet it also has profound effects. You get to know your neighbors and build an old-fashioned extended family of people who take care of each other. Time Banks change whole communities.
Where do Hours come from?
“In Community We Trust” is literally true as we honor each others requests for services. You earn a spend able time credit by working. Membership doesn’t “take” time, it exchanges time. Everyone in our community has skills to share and benefits to gain by participating. Members are encouraged to value all skills equally at one Hour per hour worked. When the task is done, the number of Hours of service are entered into the Community Weaver accounting system.
What if I go into huge debt?
If you do, someone working for the Exchange may offer to help you identify and provide services. Going into debt by asking for more help than you have in Hours is OK. The goal over time is to balance giving and receiving services.
What if I am not satisfied with a service?
TBMW does not guarantee the performance of anyone who is referred, nor will TBMW or members acting on its behalf be held responsible for any injury to persons or damage to property experienced during the exchange. Upon joining the TBMW everyone must sign weavers of liability, to hold harmless both Time Bank members and the TBMW organization as well as agree to norms of behavior, consent to a background check and meet face to face with an intake coordinator for evaluation and skill set determination.
What kind of services are typically offered by Exchange members?
What does it cost?
Time Banks that received donations are organizations that succeed over time. For the past 4 years Time Bank Mahoning Watershed has been able to succeed with private support, but now we ask for your help. As a Member you are automatically emailed a letter asking for an annual donation of dollars and time. Your account will be debited 2 hours on the anniversary of your join date. We are asking you to consider a donation of $25 to $100 dollars—or whatever you feel you can afford. These precious dollars will be used to support our website, administrative costs, marketing, and social event costs. Time Bank members build community. Members learn from one another, care for friends and neighbors, and take responsibility by building a better future. We believe in our capacity to work together Co-Producing vibrant, healthy, and sustainable communities and your gift helps us all to realize our goals.
Send your tax deductible gift today to:
Time Bank Mahoning Watershed
1559 Warner Road
Hubbard, OH 44425
Thank you for helping! Thank you for caring.
What if I don’t want to use a computer?
You can call a Helper to search for a service, put in a request, or update your personal info. [br] You can use the form here to record exchanges: TBMW Service Exchange Reports and this form to report your hours to the coordinators: TBMW Community Service Hours Completed form
What if I have Hours and move away?
TBMW will attempt to exchange your credit with any alternative currencies in your new area.
Tell me about TimeBanking Special Projects. How Can I Help?
Just call and let us know your interest area. Time Banking projects are being used all over the world in all kinds of ways from elder care, school peer based tutoring, youth courts, paying time dollars for medical, housing and legal costs. TimeDollars are even being used in Maine to pay community college tuition!
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