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If you want to help in needed, TimeBank Staff and Committee Work, please Click “Contact Us” and tell us which of the Coordinator’s roles that are listed below is most suitable to fulfill your wishes.

Time Bank Champion – Group / Hub Coordinator

Time Bank Ambassador –  Member Recruitment
Jan Bolchalk
Cindie Brown
Maxina Aurora Gohlke
Rachel Rogers
Sally Perunko
Rose Kosko
Carly Klempay
Madelyne Navarro
Sharon Perel
Tony Budak

Membership Coordinator – Member Orientation, ‘Keeping in Touch’; Making matches
Cindie Brown
Sally Perunko
Jan Bolchalk
Rose Kosko
Tony Budak

Events Coordinator – Focuses on all group activities of the Time Bank
Rachel Rogers
Rose Kosko
Tony Budak

Webmaster – Training New Members on On-Line Time Banking; Running the on-line community page
Maxina Gohlke
Tony Budak

Administration – Collecting dues, Financials/Budgeting, Fund raising
Tony Budak
Jennie Dennison-Budak
Mary Kay Wilburn
Maxina Gohlke

Team Leader Makes sure that everyone is happily taking responsibility for their role.
Tony Budak

Want to be a part of our Time Bank!  Click “Contact Us”, and tell us how you wish to be involved in building a service exchange community.

Role III. Events Coordinator

The Events coordinator loves to create parties. They love the details involved with planning an event, they love buzzing around making sure that everyone is having a good time, and they love how everyone loves them for creating the party.

The member events/activities coordinator will:

• Coordinate and organize monthly gatherings for the Time Bank
• Explore ‘good locations’ for hosting the gatherings
• Create a ‘theme’ for each gathering to attract participation
• Create marketing materials; postcards/fliers and mail/email to members
• Coordinate and organize other group activities and classes for the Time Bank
• Ask members what they would like to do? Special activities might include: ball room dancing; yoga; park clean up; apple picking; strawberry picking; snow tubing/sledding. The list goes on! Your members will tell you what they want.
• Find teachers for classes.
• Find leaders with special expertise to run group activities like bird watching, game night, yoga, etc.
• Coordinate an annual OPEN HOUSE, celebrating the Time Bank! Ask members for help.

One of the best ways to inspire member participation is to host monthly gatherings and group activities. These gatherings give members the opportunity to get to know each other. It is so much easier to ASK for a service once you’ve met someone at a party.

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Events Calendar

Vision PowerWhat are you waiting for?
Group Activities are the best way to build network links and community together while earning Time Credits for your time and effort. Time Bank Mahoning Watershed encourages potluck parties, picnics, etc. Any social event worth doing will create a community sharing time and skills.

Do you have a focus to pursue? Create your own event and email the W’s, who, what, when, where, and why, (along with some human interest story) to TonyBudak@TBMW.org for release to the public.

Please drop in and say Hello at one of our Socials
“Come on people now, smile on your brother,
try to love one another, right now!”

1st Mon. Noon (11:45 A.M.) Luncheon at Jimmy’s on Belmont Ave.
2nd Tues. 6 P.M. Community Action Network Meet at Dickey’s Lounge
3rd Mon. 6 P.M. Movie Night at Arab American Community Center
4th Tues. 6 P.M. Pot Luck at First Presbyterian Church, 201 Wick Ave. Ygst, OH

Neighbors Creating Their Future; Doing It Ourselves
SEE Event’s Details Below

No Orientation – N0 Problem,

CLICK here to Become a Member and Create your Time Bank account,
join over 100+ like-minded individuals who grow our community 1 hour at a time.
To schedule a personal Orientation meeting,
contact Tony Budak,  330.716.2722 or email TonyBudak@TBMW.org

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