Member-led Network Core Lead Persons

If you want to help in needed, TimeBank Staff and Committee Work,
please Click "Contact Us" and tell us which of the Coordinator’s roles,
that are listed below is most suitable to fullfill your wishes.

Time Bank Ambassador – 
Member Recruitment
Armando Libra
     Ben Riechmann
     Dave Dyurica
     Diana Shaheen
     Don Worth
     Elsie Dursi
     Jackie Yohn                                                        
     Jim Jordan
     Linda Hoefert
     Tony Budak

Membership CoordinatorMember Orientation, ‘Keeping in Touch’; Making matches
     Don Worth
     Jackie Yohn
     Tony Budak

Events Coordinator
Focuses on all group activities of the Time Bank
     Anna Masi
     Helene Sinnreich   
     Jackie Yohn
     Susie Beiersdorfer 
     Tony Budak

WebmasterTraining New Members on On-Line Time Banking; Running the on-line community page
     Maxina Gohlke
     Mark Hoelzel
     Tony Budak

Administration – Collecting dues, Financials/Budgeting, Fund raising

     Tony Budak

Team Leader
Makes sure that everyone is happily taking responsibility for their role.
     Tony Budak

Want to be a part of our Time Bank!  Click "Contact Us", and tell us
how you wish to be involved in building a service exchange community.