Introducing Local Exchange Trading Systems (LETS)

International Journal of Community Currency Research
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Local Exchange Trading Systems (LETS)
A specfic set of links listed by Tony Budak

History and background – alternative currencies:

Finding FOCUS – Short of time, then research these selected time trading projects
1. Strohalm Foundation – Holland

Strohalm’s software from the program designers

2. UK Local Exchange Trading and Complementary Currencies Development Agency – London

3. Fourth Corner Exchange – (for profit) Pacific Northwest

5. the new economics foundation

6. Value for People

If you have no time to research, just click the links below

TimeBanks Washington D.C.



TimeBanks WorldWide Discussion YahooGroup

See this Video – Time Banks: People Make Change Happen


An Example of a Network of TimeBanks

A ‘How To’ Roadmap:
The Time Dollar Manual