Invitation: Raising the Value of Learning

Invitation: Raising the Value of Learning
April 29,2020

Dear Friends,
At last Tuesday’s Zoom gathering, we kicked around the different meanings attached to the ideas of education compared to that of learning, Geoff Henny posed the question does our discussion have a “straw man”, or what is the work to be done?

Below is an informed reply to Geoff’s challenge, with ideas for our consideration:

I propose using time credits to raise the value of learning. A way to thank and value labor time when learning takes place. Why, because the goal of self-managed development can lead to networks and communities of mutuality and reciprocity.

  • My experience as a TimeBank program administrator is that when presenting issues of urgency or importance they are usually greeted not with excitement or engagement but with disinterest or polite negativity. Why is it that my associates don’t share my feelings about what matters? I have learned that people always only engage in ideas that are important and meaningful to themselves.
  • And my research and mentors inform a theory and practice that I now share with you.

A frame of reference by David Ellerman (2 files not attached)

  • Rethinking Development Assistance: Networks for Decentralized Social Learning
  • Helping People Help Themselves: Autonomy-Respecting Help

Context and Case studies by Margrit Kennedy, Bernard Lietaer, John Rogers

A Vision and Strategy by Geoff Thomas (3 files attached)

  • Change the Conversation
  • Knowledge is power
  • Raising the Value of Learning, the application of time currency to community learning activities.

Please mark your calendars,

Thanks for asking, Click here to Co-create our tomorrows,
Tony Budak,
Convener at TimeBank Mahoning Watershed
and Community Labor News