Thank you very much for your interest in joining TimeBank Mahoning Watershed.

If you wish a personal Membership Account for trading services
CLICK and Complete the following steps – In the Numbered Order.

  1. Check list At Home CLICK HERE   to Begin your On Line registration
  2. A Coordinator will contact you to set-up a face to face meeting where you will complete the registration. Only after an interview will your TimeBank account be activated.
  3. As you register on line with TimeBank Mahoning Watershed H0urWorld Application. Note your email address and the password for this Registration and save it to a safe place. Bring your Log-In and Password to your face to face Interview.

Then you can do one of the following:

  1. Wait to be contacted by a Coordinator to set up a face to face meeting at an agreed wifi location.
  2. Or attend a TimeBank social event, Click Upcoming Events and fill out the application form at that time.
  3. For more information, Click on this Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) section.