A Mahoning Valley Fix It Cafe Skill Share
Volunteer repair-persons NEEDED to staff future
Bring and Fix It Cafe events.

You are cordially invited to an expressive and enjoyable experience
to strengthen your life, your community, and our Valley.
Click here to Build Resilient Communities – If It’s Broke, Fix It!

This is an opportunity to improve and fine-tune
skill set while meeting new and interesting people.

Do you have a gift for fixing stuff? Volunteer as a fixer/repair person at upcoming ShareFest events?
What’s your repair focus small electrical or mechanical appliances, computers, clothing, sewing, housewares, bicycles, toys, etc.?

The Fix-It Cafe team is a band of “fix-perts” all volunteers, who come together every couple of months to lend their expertise and repair broken items for free.
Please Join our Fix-It Cafe Team to receive news about upcoming ShareFest event dates and stay informed.

Earn Time Credits – Share Your DIY Skills

Toss It? No Way! Join the Fix-It Clinic TEAM!

We’ll host a ShareFest free community event where we bring our beloved but broken items, and together, with volunteer Repair Coaches, We Fix Stuff!

Lamps, vacuums, toasters & other electrical items & small appliances, clothing & textiles, dolls, stuffed animals & toys, tools in need of sharpening, clocks & other mechanical items, chairs, frames, small tables & other items made of wood, necklaces, earrings & bracelets, digital devices in need of reconfiguration, and MORE.
Most things get fixed. And even when they don’t, we have a good time trying.

We Share Skills,  Reduce Waste, Make Friends
It’s Fun! Become a Fix-It Cafe Staffer
RSVP – Join Us
All TimeBank Fix-It members receive a spendable
pay forward community loyalty Time Credit gift in return.