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Fix-It Cafe – Sharing Skills and Knowledge in Your Community
Volunteer repair persons needed to staff future SHAREFEST Bring and Fix It Community events.
Here’s your opportunity to improve and fine-tune your
skill set while meeting new and interesting people.

Do you have a gift for fixing stuff? Volunteer as a fixer/repair person at up coming SHAREFEST events?
What’s your repair focus small electrical or mechanical appliances, computers, clothing, sewing, housewares, bicycles, toys, etc.?

The Fix-It Cafe team is a band of “fix-perts,” all volunteers, who come together every couple of months to lend their expertise and repair broken items for free.
Please Join our Fix-It Cafe Team to receive upcoming ShareFest event dates and stay informed.

Earn Time Credits – Share Your DIY Skills

Toss It? No Way! Join the Fix-It Clinic TEAM!

We’ll host a ShareFest free community event where we bring our beloved
but broken items, and together, with volunteer Repair Coaches, we fix stuff!

Lamps, vacuums, toasters & other electrical items & small appliances
clothing & textiles,
dolls, stuffed animals & toys, tools in need of sharpening,
clocks & other mechanical items, chairs, frames, small tables & other items made of wood,
necklaces, earrings & bracelets, digital devices in need of reconfiguration, and MORE.
Most things get fixed. And even when they don’t, we have a good time trying.

We Share Skills,  Reduce Waste, Make Friends
It’s Fun! Become a Fix-It Cafe Staffer – RSVP – Join Us
And all TimeBank Fix-It members receive a spendable
pay forward community loyalty Time Credit gift in return.

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