Often I’m asked to mentor a new Time Bank somewhere is the USA and what follows is the core information packet that  I send to a new Coordinator to get them rolling. I’m sending this to you because you picked up on this so fast and I want you to have all the information.

Of course you should read through all the site pages at Time Bank Mahoning Watershed for a good foundational introduction.

In these sites at Time Banks Work there are practical suggestions and many files to consider in a Time Bank effort.
Just skim this archive, as it would be helpful down the road.

Again in the above site there is a section that focuses on Starting a Time Bank (Section 1 and Section 2) This is a must to read and follow up reading all the hyper links in the both article sections.

Also you should adsorb the general ideas at the hOurWorld web site, in particular this page on first steps.
Another point of view, rather more practical, but good none the less.

And You will probably pick up a lot of learning take aways by participating
in the action on a Time Bank Coordinators group on Facebook;

Okay that’s it, please contact me for anything except a Federal money loan LOL.

If you want to discuss the above ideas, Contact Tony Budak