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This year’s theme: Bring & Fix
Repair – Reuse – Recycle

Bring and Fix small
Do you have small household items that need minor repairs?
Will you share your hobby, skill or passion with neighbors?


Saturday, April 28, 2018, 10 AM to 4 PM
2018 Mahoning Valley Share Festival

Arab American Community Center,
15 Belgrade Ave, Youngstown, Ohio

Hi Community Leader,
Everyone is welcome and everyone can participate–bring a friend ( or three or more) bring items to share or give away, bring something that needs to be fixed!
Bring your skills or just come and share the fun, food and community!
Encourage your friends, and neighbors to sign up as an event helper, do a table exhibit, be a fixer or give a workshop. Please help in anyway that you can.

It’s free & easy to apply. Sign up RSVP

If you are curious–here is more,
about 2017 Bring & Fix
about our event in 2014

Our future depends on Co-creating our tomorrows.
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2018 Spring ShareFest 

QiQo Creating Abundance



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Dear Friends,

This invite note is a follow-up to my earlier communications regarding a new interactive webinar series that I would like to add to our current Community Action Network gatherings. Here is a link to more information about these current gatherings:  http://timebankswork.net/tiki/tiki-download_file.php?fileId=463

Our Wednesday, January 17, 2018, test interactive webinar attracted two participants.  The test interactive webinar worked easily for us and I’d like to try this again.

The theme, Creating Abundance, feels like a good focus for the Community Action Network. If there are no objections, I’d like to use Creating Abundance on Subject line for these particular interactive webinars and email conversations.

The NEXT Creating Abundance interactive webinar is February 6, 2018, 5 P.M. EST

Please RSVP as soon as possible?  Then enter the interactive webinar a couple of minutes before the start time. Here is a link to the website

RSVP and enter Creating Abundance interactive webinar; CLICK thru the following

  1. Click big RED Button sign in
  2. Create a new Account with BLUE button or
    sign in with one of your social media accounts

    1. NOW you’ll return to event page
  3. Click RED participate button
  4. Click RED button on the left to join video
    1. ZOOM video will pop up – ALL SET to share and learn

If you have questions you’d like the group to address just add your topic in the comment section after you RSVP to this invitation. 

If you have any questions or suggestions for me email  TonyBudak@TBMW.org.

Hear you soon!

Tony Budak



2017 Fall ShareFest and YOU

Sunday – 
Setup 10 AM
Open to Public 11 AM

October 8, 2017
2017 Mahoning Valley ShareFest and YOU


Oct 8 ShareFest

Encourages a shift from a discard to a repair/reuse/recycle mindset

Reduces landfill waste

Strengthens community

Sets the stage for easy, helpful intergenerational connections

Share skills and builds confidence

Works to restoring conversations without depending on electronic devices and applications.

Interested? YAY!

hands_small 80

Endorsed by
Dawn Dominic, Founder Talking Rocks

Dwight L. Stickler, Founder Mahoning Valley Podcast

Kathy Paden, Founder  Mahoning Valley Criminal  Justice Reform Team

Marie Nelson, Founder Tampa Bay Time Bank

Brian West, Founder  Method 8

Elayne Bozick, Realtor

Arab American Community Center

Jimmy’s Italian Food, Belmont Ave.

Order your T-Shirt before campaign ends 9/26/27



Sharing Skills and Knowledge In Your Community
Connect Unused Resources with Unmet Needs

Hey Community Member,

We’ll Build Engaged Communities through Respect. Help Co-create Sustainable and Thriving Communities that Share Resources and Repair-Reuse-Recycle Stuff.

  • Sunday, October 8, 2017
  • Setup 10 AM – Open Doors 11 AM – Close Doors 5 PM
  • Arab American Community Center
    15 Belgrade Ave, Youngstown, Ohio (MAP)
  • Attendance is free, please accept our
    appreciation for your generous donation
  • Here Is how it works:
  • Sign up to do a table spot exhibit or mini workshops. A Table Place where a community member shares hobbies, talents and knowledge.
  • Share your Do It Yourself Skills – We need volunteer FIXERS to set up repair stations. Fixers bring a few hand tools, small tool set for minor repairs. Repair for example small electrical appliances, computers, clothing, housewares, bicycles, etc.  And neighbors are invited to bring their broken stuff for repair, including any necessary replacement parts.
  • Be an Event helper  do what ever to make this event a Success.
  • Donate to the “Really Really Free Market” with gently used clothing at the swap table.
  • Co-host with your smiling face and helpful demeanor and chat with neighbors. If an item is not fixed, ask can it be recycled.
  • Bring your safe fun kid activities or games using recycled materials. It’s family-friendly!

It’s up to us, you and I, to Co-create Sustainable Thriving Tomorrows.  We’ll co-create our tomorrows when we knit and know our network connections, share hobbies and passions, or make old things work again.

CLICK here to RSVP or Select your ROLE

Heartfelt appreciation goes to everyone working to make our SharFests events possible. Thanks again and again
CLICK to host organization – Time Bank M.W.

Tel: (330) 716-2722
Email: info@TBMW.org


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