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Dear Friends,

This invite note is a follow-up to my earlier communications regarding a new interactive webinar series that I would like to add to our current Community Action Network gatherings. Here is a link to more information about these current gatherings:  http://timebankswork.net/tiki/tiki-download_file.php?fileId=463

Our Wednesday, January 17, 2018, test interactive webinar attracted two participants.  The test interactive webinar worked easily for us and I’d like to try this again.

The theme, Creating Abundance, feels like a good focus for the Community Action Network. If there are no objections, I’d like to use Creating Abundance on Subject line for these particular interactive webinars and email conversations.

The NEXT Creating Abundance interactive webinar is February 6, 2018, 5 P.M. EST

Please RSVP as soon as possible?  Then enter the interactive webinar a couple of minutes before the start time. Here is a link to the website

RSVP and enter Creating Abundance interactive webinar; CLICK thru the following

  1. Click big RED Button sign in
  2. Create a new Account with BLUE button or
    sign in with one of your social media accounts

    1. NOW you’ll return to event page
  3. Click RED participate button
  4. Click RED button on the left to join video
    1. ZOOM video will pop up – ALL SET to share and learn

If you have questions you’d like the group to address just add your topic in the comment section after you RSVP to this invitation. 

If you have any questions or suggestions for me email  TonyBudak@TBMW.org.

Hear you soon!

Tony Budak



Time Bank Job Squad

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Yes, It’s Spring TIME
Let’s give our homes a spring cleanup
Time Bank Job Squad
Needs about 10 interested members


Are you up for a meet up every Saturday in April to help those in the group with yard work (or home cleaning, instead of a yard) from 2-4.

All skill sets are invited to help make for an enjoyable and successful event earning time credits.

One Saturday we will work on 1 or 2 member’s yards, and then others in the group will receive yard work one of the following Saturdays, ideally getting to all group members’ yards that month (or into May).
Message me if you are interested.

Job Squad may change any above details – Let’s talk
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Support a Culture of Sharing

Local Network

A Call to Celebrate

Our Mahoning Valley’s

Culture of Sharing


Spread the word that Time Bank Mahoning Watershed is IN SEARCH OF community members, +Valley Champions with Sharable Dreams+, to showcase local collaborative giving and receiving in the Mahoning Valley in 2017.

Some suggested events, programs, projects, are listed in the following
+Dream Space: Events, Programs, Projects, Organization – Locations, and Goals+

+Events (Lead by a Champion Team):+
Share fest
Really Free Market
Repair Café
Game Time
Wellness Fair
Crafters Anonymous
Abundance Swap
Bring and Share Fest
Benches Collective
Open Space Technology
World Cafe

(Tell us if there something else that you’ll commit to share and do?


+Programs (on going, Lead by a Champion team):+
A hub Time Bank in your neighborhood
Time Bank Store
Time Bank Youth Court
Business Awareness/Education
Front Yard Gardens (FYG) Program
Seed Library
Tool Library
Bike Kitchen
Street Ambassador
Map Jam
Borrowing Shop – library of things
Maker Space
Men’s Sheds

TIME OUTS – Various Venues
Salesforce – Marketing – Fundraising

(Tell us if there something else that you’ll commit to share and do?


+Projects (on going by Champion team or Coord):+
Library Patron
Business Patron
Kids & Youth Project
Medical Transportation
Care Brigade
TBMW newsletter
TBMW Facebook
(Tell us if there something else that you’ll commit to share and do?


+Possible Organization – Locations:+
Girard Multi Gen Cntr.
Warren Court House Sq.
First Presbyterian Church
Creekside Golf Dome
City/Public Spaces
Local Community Parks
(What other possible venues could serve as hosting organizations ?

Here is a link to get help to raise money for your idea, ….
In Our Back Yard

+Among the goals of Time Banking, we co-create thriving communities in the Mahoning Valley through conversation leading to a change of culture along the following indicators:+
Passive engagement ___________ to active engagement

Staff and administration led ______ to citizen led
Beneficiary of service __________ to co-producer of service
Client or volunteer focus ________ to membership base
Individualism _______________ to mutualism

Practice reciprocity by doing something for your community and your community will do something for you? It’s the time bank way.

For background and context click the following; http://hosted.verticalresponse.com/725953/6bf6b310d7/282864687/55684a7d81/

Save Saturday, May 6, for the 2017 Mahoning Valley ShareFest – Bring&Fix;
click here if you wish to attend.


Learn about TBMW Service Exchange, Join Mahoning Valley Champions, or call Tony Budak, 330-716-2722 

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