Beyond Sustainability

Webinar GraphicHello,

I’m inviting you to join A Hub of the Time Bank Mahoning Watershed Network.  This is going to be an easy way for us to host webinars, meet face-to-face and connect online. Here are some of the great things that you can do in our community:

-Host or attend web conferences and webinars
-Share files with members of the community
-Learn from our experts
-Exchange ideas with others
-Share what you are passionate about

I am sure that you will love this community.

Thank you,
Tony Budak

To accept Tony Budak’s invitation, please click use this link to join Time Bank Mahoning Watershed’s webinar forum:…/9c6b444a7049f58d69e86d9f8b02c04…

Note: this is an invite, emailing back will not send to the inviter. If you are having issues joining this BigMarker online community, please email

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