TimeBank Mahoning Watershed

We need Volunteers – To TIME IN (earn time credits)
Discover & Co-Produce from the following List of Dreams

Or tell us your Dream that shall use Time Credits to make it happen?

Friendship Circles
Community Justice Youth Courts
Local Community Discount Card
Co-operative Business Start Up
Pet Parade
People Money Book Club/Forum
Active Learning by Design
Regular Open Space Forum
Business Referral Network
Do It Ourselves Fixer List
First Shareable City in the Mahoning Valley
Really Free Market
Repair Café
Game Time
Wellness Fair
Crafters Anonymous
Abundance Swap
Benches Collective
Open Space Technology
A Time Bank Club in your neighborhood
Time Bank Boutique
Bring & Fix It: Repair – Reuse – Recycle
Business Awareness/Education
Front Yard Gardens (FYG) Program
Seed Library
Tool Library
Bike Kitchen
Street Ambassador
Map Jam
Borrowing Shop – library of things
Maker Space
Clubs/Sheds – Women’s or Men’s
Kids & Youth Project
Medical Transportation
Care Brigade
Library Patron
Business Patron

Let us know, if you have a unique Dream to DO?

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