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Jan 132017

Let’s Do It Ourselves?
“What do you really want? THAT is the most important question for changing our world…
and for changing your own life.” ~ Hildy Gottlieb

In your community, what are the issues and opportunities?

What topic(s) would you focus on?

Topics may include local foods, renewable energy, bike share programs, etc
Some suggested events, programs, projects, are listed in the following;

Events (Lead by a Champion Team):
Share fest

Really Free Market
Repair Café
Game Time
Wellness Fair
Crafters Anonymous
Abundance Swap
Bring and Share Fest
Benches Collective
(Tell us if there something else that you’ll commit to share and do?

Programs (on going, Lead by a Champion team):
Time Bank Neighborhood Hub

Time Bank Store
Time Bank Youth Court
Business Awareness/Education
Front Yard Gardens (FYG) Program
Seed Library
Tool Library
Bike Kitchen
Street Ambassador
Map Jam
Borrowing Shop – library of things
TIME OUTS – Various Venues
Salesforce – Marketing – Fundraising
(Tell us if there something else that you’ll commit to share and do?

Here is a link to get help to raise money for your idea, ….
In Our Back Yard

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