06-26-2020 TimeBank Mahoning Watershed “Newsletter”

Dear Colleagues,

With the spread of COVID-19 worldwide, many events in our community have been canceled or postponed. In the interest of public health, TimeBank Mahoning Watershed now works remotely until we are cleared, and we suspended until further notice all our in-person events.

TimeBank Mahoning Watershed is operational sharing ideas and content through the 2020 four new digital applications.

  1. TimeBank Mahoning Watershed hosting scheduled interactive video discussions, Open Topics Agenda: Learning About Options for the Future, what would we love to see possible? http://tbmw.org/watershed-gardens/ 


  1. Ann Arbor Community Commons conversation forum – Exploring and implementing an Ann Arbor Center of the City Commons Local Currency and Trading Exchange System as a formation and startup driver for the Commons 29.2020   http://timebankswork.net/forum/ 


  1. Mahoning Watershed Learning board – Raising the Value of Learning, ‘Raising the Value of learning’ considers the co-production of a new ‘learning currency’, created by the agreement of different players in the ‘learning system’ to give and receive time, recorded in the form of ‘Time to Learn Credits’ (TLCs). http://timebankswork.net/forum/ 


  1. TimeBanks Work, email list – an announcement and discussion list service to link all of the above application. Topic, Raising the Value of Learning
    subscribe: <mailto:timebankswork-subscribe@lists.riseup.net> 
    unsubscribe: <mailto:timebankswork-unsubscribe@lists.riseup.net>

Please join the above virtual operations, simply read our newsletters, and engage as you wish. FYI – When anyone works in the unpaid core economy, I invite them to join a local TimeBank, then administration, meeting practices, and all unpaid work efforts are thanked and documented with spendable Time Credits. A Super COOL way to learn and volunteer!

We look forward to hosting other events as soon as possible.
Thanks for creating our tomorrows,
Tony Budak, CEO